Jason Vitosky

U.S. Congressional House, District

Jason Vitosky


There are a number of ways you can engage your community...

Join the Better Mississippi Forum. Change isn't always good, unless it's better.

Also, make sure friends and family are registered to vote before October 6th.

Talk to your friends and family without the background noise of TV commercials drowning out your conversation.

Demand more coverage from your local media concerning the elections in 2012, especially in regards to "the issues".

Above all else, DO NOT REMAIN SILENT if you disagree with how YOUR government agents are handling YOUR public affairs.


Donations are important, too!!


The best way you can donate or volunteer your time is to vote on March 13th, 2012 and November 6th, 2012. That's THIS year!! Mark your calendars, set three alarm clocks, and follow my other tips for reminder services! It's a blessing that we have built a system of government that can be altered at any time, depending on the needs of the people. Hopefully, the people will realize that they need to look beyond straight political party lines and need someone who will listen to them -- the voters in South Mississippi -- above all else.

I need an engaged community. I need participants.
I need people asking questions. I need teachers.
I need communication. I need activists.

But most of all... I need votes!

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