Jason Vitosky

U.S. Congressional House, District 4

Jason Vitosky

Better Mississippi.com (A Forum I created for us to deliberate, determine, & decide... the way any true representative government should operate)

President of First State Bank of North Dakota (ND has a huge surplus and has historically had the lowest unemployment rate, even now. This is due to their state-run bank and their conservative nature in using their profits and being able to put that money back into "The System".

Khan Academy (we need to use THIS model in our education system TODAY)

Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education (How we need to use it)

Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class (Every man and woman should watch this whole thing (advanced material comes at about the half-way point) to understand how our Constitutional Government actually works)

The MOST Comfortable Bicycle Seats (My comprehensive review of nearly 20 seats. Relax 2 is the absolute best for rear suspension, tho it's pretty expensive. Most people think it's crazy to spend that much on a bicycle seat, so I typically recommend the Easy Seat II/Deluxe since it can be had for less than a quarter of the price. The Manta Saddle & Gyes Leather Saddle are the best for rigid frames, but I like the Manta better because I'm afraid that the "elements" will tear up my untreated leather.)

Crash Course for Motorized Bicycle N00Bs (I wrote this myself)

Remastersys Guide - Create Your Own Ubuntu-based Operating System (I wrote this myself)

Uberuntu (1.7 GB operating system I customized with extra applications and themes, tho, it's kind of old. You might as well just customize your own Linux-based operating system with the Remastersys Guide, above)

Cross-Platform Meta-Doctor Guide for webOS (Use steps 2 to 6 for trying out my Uberuntu operating system, above, or any other operating system you get ahold of)

Crash Course for Freemen (BETA) (Another guide I started to organize after realizing the need for people to defend themselves from government tyranny, like IRS issues, rights to free travel, free speech, free religion, to defend yourself, to be secure of/in your property, among many others)

Saul Williams Playlist (20 Songs of a Musical Genius; my friend calls this "Senator Music"; potentially "foul" language, but I'll stick to George Carlin's belief that their are no bad words, only bad thoughts)

I'm so fascinated with the Constitution and its amendment process that I just might be James Madison reincarnated

Good News Translation (AKA: GNT, GNB, Good News Bible, and others) (This is my favorite translation of the Bible. Highly recommended for all people to compare this to other versions; all people can comprehend the Spirit & Word of God, now. The sub-titles make it extremely easy to tell when one story extends beyond the end of a chapter, as is frequently done in Proverbs.)

Mississippi Code

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