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U.S. Congressional House, District 4

Jason Vitosky


    ** Be forewarned that it is not very likely everyone will agree with me 100% on EVERY issue, but I feel obligated to speak honestly about as many topics as I possibly can, offering as many ideas as I can... in order to let YOU decide which ones WILL and WILL *NOT* work. I know that our monetary system isn't working and MANY things we, as a people, *and* our government agents are doing now are NOT working.

    Both Democrats & Republicans have become one party that don't have the solutions for We the People. Both parties are interested only in keeping the status quo, which, if you haven't noticed, involves destroying our constitutional rights one by one and increasing spending and debt limits.

    Let's focus on the issues one-by-one, shall we?

    List of Issues

    Education State-Run Bank Illegal Immigration Jobs Jobs Going Overseas Job Creation
    Taxes Gun Rights Party Politics Elections Health Care ** SAVE the **
    **Postal Service**
    Oil Spill Marijuana & Hemp Abortion Death Penalty Energy Costs Transportation & Gas Prices
    Prison Reform National Security State Security Computer Security Communication Internet
    Corporation Reform Welfare Food Stamps Food Prices Genetically Modified Foods


    My belief is that the U.S. Department of Education is overrated. If we won't disband the Dept. of Education, then we need to create an online education platform that each individual state can independently run.

    This digital platform needs to be designed around teachers and parents submitting and choosing lesson plans, particularly video lectures that can be watched by all citizens, not just the "traditional" students. Pay book publishers less and less, while gradually pulling more and more lesson plans from a massive pool of "virtual" education material that we should be creating and organizing TODAY. It's a shame that every kid will have a smartphone in a number of years, yet our government agents are NOT currently helping to promote the creation of free, educational material that we can all use on these "connected devices". Print material only when necessary (well over 1/2 of school books are never even entertained).

    Video lessons are much preferred so that work flow won't be impeded by a sick teacher... or even a healthy one!! Children and their parents can watch at home instead of doing "homework" (rewinding as many times as necessary to actually understand), then the students can do interactive discussions, exercises, labs, quizzes, and tests, along with other problem solving and critical thinking activities DURING school hours. We need to end the days of "boring" education, where staring into space for years at a time is nearly as challenging as paying attention. Let's create a society of better listeners by rewarding schools and/or teachers who create the best videos (listening depends on a worthy speaker). With hundreds of thousands of eyes on the lesson plans, and dozens of teachers to choose from on any given class, all errors would be quickly eradicated.

    Classes on Procedural Law, Commerce, & Business should be taught in high schools, because creating entrepreneurs is the ONLY legitimate way to create jobs. There is no reason that Mississippi needs to be last in education if we all have access to World Class lectures from numerous universities (Yale, Stanford, and MIT, for example, as well as these, these, and these schools), who have their courses available online for FREE. Let's be proactive about a better education system. Let's be proactive about generating teachers, lawyers, and businessmen at the high school level. There is absolutely no reason that someone needs to go to school for 21 years to learn THE LAW. We should be taught about court procedure, contracts, creation of money, and writing business plans BEFORE the age of 16... especially when we can simply put all this information on YouTube, a government-run server, **AND** DVDs/Bluerays for less money than it costs to pay book publishers.

    The beautiful thing is that one man has already laid the groundwork for an online education system that I had only dreamt of making. You can learn about his work at Khan Academy, a virtual school that he created after quitting his job in the financial industry. The results are simply astounding. Please watch that link.

    It's important to note that education costs make up 60% of our state's expenses. Replacing paper books with THE best teacher in every subject is not just about financial concerns, however. The ability to track and make sure that every student is getting the necessary building blocks of the lesson plan is priceless. We must all master certain basic steps before moving to the next level..

    One woman asked me about offering mothers "free daycare" so that the mothers could go get a better education. THIS is the solution to that problem. Like I said... THIS is how we stand on the shoulders of giants.

    Another mother asked me how I felt about homeschooled students being allowed to play on public school teams. This is brilliant. I support it 100% and encourage all parents to ADMINISTRATE the schooling of their children... but they can't administrate football games, so it's only fair that these kids be allowed to join in on the fun. No extra testing should be required for these homeschooled children to play on public school teams. These parents are the true adminsitrators and have every right to determine the progress of their children at whatever standards they'd like. Allowing kids to socialize on a football field, or any other field, will only allow both public & home schooled parents to determine if they are making the right decisions.

    Finally, someone in Biloxi suggested to me that the libraries be kept open the regular hours, as some of the elderly folks use the computers. It's simply too confusing to know which library will be open on which day. I could certainly find a way to keep the libraries open their regular hours.

    America is the Land of Kings... where Knowledge is Power!!

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    Take Control of the Federal Reserve to Issue DEBT-FREE Money to Our Governments
    Our country's middle class has been in decline for nearly 50 years. The reason for this has to do with the way our monetary system really works. We all know that money and economics are important to a functioning society, but do most of us actually know how money is created and what causes inflation??

    The only way an economy can grow is through new loans. That's the ONLY way. If you grow a business without a loan, you're NOT growing the economy of our body politic; you're simply re-allocating the currency that already existed. There's a geometry theorum or proof for this, but of course I don't remember the exact name (12+7+3 = 19+1+2 = NO GROWTH in the society). The only way to bring more money into circulation (grow the economy) is through a signature on a loan.

    Anytime the federal or state governments need a loan, they must currently get it from a private bank, who in turn gets it from the Central Banks, who in turn gets it from the Federal Reserve (this is a private, non-governmental agency printing this money, by the way). It's important to realize that every time THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, or "We the Mississippians", want to grow the economy, we ultimately are generating that loan through a private bank that charges EVERY taxpayer interest, which is debt, which is inflation. INTEREST equals INFLATION. There's another geometric proof (a=b=c, so a=c).

    We all know that when an economy grows without labor, this artificial growth *is* inflation. So true. The interesting thing about loans is that the interest was never injected into the system!! You must pay back the loan PLUS interest, even tho the interest is nowhere to be found except from your neighbors. This is like a game of musical chairs, and when played at the level of states and nations, EVERYONE is going to lose.

    As it currently stands, the Federal Reserve is offering "near-zero" percent interest rates, yet no private bank is offering these rates to our government agents on the behalf of "We the People", who should be the ultimate masters of our monetary system. As soon as we take control of the Federal Resere, as our Constitution demands the U.S. Congress [NOT a private banking cartel] to print and coin our money, we can then offer loans to our federal and state governments without obvious debt to ALL taxpayers. If we need money for new roads, bridges, schools, or what have you... we simply create it without debt. We have the ability to grow our money supply at the exact same pace as our economy's labor output. This 1:1 ratio means that there will be NO MORE INFLATION caused by our state.

    The only state that has a state-run bank is North Dakota, who currently has THE lowest unemployment rate in the country. Their historic record for highest unemployment rate has NEVER seen 7% [and they haven't seen 5% in almost 25 years], so the recent oil boom is not the only cause. This state-run bank is just a catalyst of a sound and stable economic system that even puts all that money BACK into the system. There is no hidden "siphon" draining North Dakota's economy through a game of "musical debt notes".


    Some people still don't grasp the concept that banks DO NOT lend out clientelle money and that loans are the ONLY way to add more money into circulation. The evidence of this can be found in a book, titled "Modern Money Mechanics", which was published by the Federal Reserve in the late 70s to 80s. On page 6, under "How the Multiple Expansion Works" is the following explanation:

    • "Of course, they do not really pay out loans from the money they receive as deposits. If they did this, no additional money would be created. What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers' transaction accounts. Loans (assets) and deposits (liabilities) both rise by $9,000. Reserves are unchanged by the loan transactions. But the deposit credits constitute new additions to the total deposits of the banking system."
    Federal Reserve Notes are only created based on a "promise to pay"... or your signature. Simply building a business with money you already had and creating jobs DOES NOT add more money into our society's economy. It only re-allocates the currently existing money.

    -- "Do not cheat when you use weights and measures. Use true and honest weights and measures, so that you may live a long time in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. The Lord hates people who cheat." (Deuteronomy 25:13-16; Leviticus 19:35-36; Proverbs 11:1; Proverbs 20:10, 20:23)

    -- "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." (Thomas Jefferson)

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    Illegal Immigration

    Do not harass individuals who are not harming others (i.e. - no racial profiling). Actively seek out to fine employers BIG TIME if caught! Who would even attempt to hire one illegal alien with a potential $10,000 fine?? E-Verify is already available if employers really want to abide by THE LAW, instead of commit TREASON.

    Put employers in jail after hiring 3 illegal aliens. Employers who are repeat offenders, along with the illegal aliens, need to be working in a garden at Parchman. Ship, fly illegal aliens to the other side of the Panama Canal [u]after they or their former employer have paid for their own ride[/u].

    I recently noticed some men building the new sea wall just East of Anniston Ave, while others were building homes close to my neighborhood. One thing these groups of men had in common is that they were both speaking Spanish. They may be here unlawfully, essentially stealing jobs from my friends, your children and grandchildren. It's also important to note that I'm not singling out people who "look Mexican" or "speak Spanish", but I am saying that the only way to stop illegal aliens from stealing jobs from Americans is to actively regulate EVERY business. All people have the right to privacy, free travel, free speech, etc., so we cannot stop anyone because they are brown. However, "We the People" also have the right to regulate commerce, so we should actively check up on all business hires until the word spreads outside of this country that we finally mean business and are enforcing the laws of our Constitution without infringing on the rights of the individual.

    You are sorely mistaken if you believe it's not possible to find qualified CITIZENS who are willing to work with a 10% unemployment rate.

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    Create an online, job search engine that allows employers to find nearby citizens, even across neighboring state lines, instead of illegal aliens. Nobody, including employers, is required to use it UNLESS requesting food stamps while currently unemployed. A private job search engine could be used instead of creating one, but if we are going to fund a private venture, why not control it? There is a reason that the federal government is downsizing all departments but the IT Dept; the IT Dept saves all the other departments money!!

    If someone doesn't have access to the Internet, we can outfit food stamp offices with computers that are locked to the job search engine. This is really as SANE as a food stamp program could possibly be. I took a lady friend of mine to the food stamp office and a sign stated: "Asking for food stamps from The State of Mississippi is asking for help with finding a job." If only that were true.

    Put an end to paperwork that can be faked outside of the food stamp office.

    Consider incentivizing businesses to hire from this pool of applicants for, say, 6 months (the duration of food stamp payouts). We would actually get our money's worth if we paid $1/hr of an employee's 40-hr/week wage instead of $200/mo for 6 months on a "food stamps for nothing" program.

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    Jobs Going Overseas

    TARIFFS!! Free Trade was only meant for the several states. Before 1860, the only revenue stream for the feds were tariffs and excise taxes. We must be working to move back in this direction. We can't cut income tax right away for all people, but we should be working toward that end goal. And we can start it at the federal level by "equalizing" our trade imbalances. A society that consumes everything and produces nothing will not last.

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    Job Creation

    This will come almost overnight once the problems above are dealt with. As soon as people have an internet platform (Hint, Hint: Better Mississippi Forum) to make their concerns known, they will likely be able to create real jobs almost as soon as needs are vocalized. Encouraging states to teach high school students in the areas of law & commerce would likely boost our "futures" in business development, giving them the right tools and encouragement to create businesses which fill the needs that are most frequently vocalized.

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    Income tax is unjust for people who trade their time for minimum wage. Someone working for minimum wage is not profiting off the backs of other people; he is exchanging his time for money, hence, no profit. Corporations must pay income taxes to the people, however, since they are asking the people for a charter.

    Income taxes are too complex and make absolutely no sense for individual men and women. Why are family members deductible from my income taxes? That makes no sense. MY income is MY income. If everybody chooses to marry because of the financial benefits, then nobody will live responsibly and divorce rates will continue to rise, while whole generations of children become estranged from the idea of what a real marital union is. Frankly, THE STATE has no business in marriages to begin with. A marriage is between two people and God, and THE STATE doesn't need to be involved until there's a domestic dispute.

    Sales tax is the only fair tax. Before the Civil War, the only taxes the average American paid were excise taxes and tariffs. We must restore our self-governance to these simple standards of VOLUNTARY tax, where no threat of force is used against you.

    Illegal immigrants and their families would have to pay a slight increase in sales tax to cover lost revenue from income tax, as well, whereas illegal aliens are currently "tax exempt" compared to lawful citizens. Even the LEGAL immigrants and temporary visitors would have to pay sales tax. Everyone needs to pay taxes at the register in order to see exactly how much money is paid in taxes. You'll have more money up front to spend which will also be taxed. And with the immigrants, legal and otherwise.... the true cost of government becomes apparent to all people...equally.

    It's important to remember that if we had a national bank, "we" would collect the interest on new loans from "ourselves", effectively canceling any debt on new loans to government. A national bank could almost surely be engineered to "profit", although, that is not the exact intention... but to simply issue money on behalf of the people for FREE. We're simply trying to break even on particulars [u]if and only if[/u] the people want to pay them over time. If the bank's purpose is to make a profit, then virtually all of that money can be put back into paying down our debts, but this is at an expense to every taxpayer. Solving the problems of OUR monetary system essentially means we are taking back control of the issuance of that money on behalf of all people, just like our Constitution requires of Congress. Hardly any income tax would be needed once we stop inflation, as well as the debt owed for creating money. We already owe money, however, so I am not proposing that we end the income tax until that debt is actually paid down, but a national bank is a catalyst that will inevitably keep us out of bankruptcy. Until we can pay down our massive debt, I propose absolutely ZERO cuts in taxes and ZERO additional taxes.

    -- "The Lord wants weights and measures to be honest and every sale to be fair." (Proverbs 16:11)

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    Gun Rights

    Guns are just another tool that can be used for good (self-defense) and bad. our right to gun ownership is protected by the constitutions of both the United States and of Mississippi. It can be changed ONLY by the people *and* elected representatives. In Mississippi, legislators ONLY have the authority to regulate concealed weapons. Public officials who state that you must have a concealed carry permit for open-carry need to check their facts, even if that means reading Mississippi Supreme Court cases, as well. Gross negligence is equal to fraud.

    The purpose of a constitutional government is to protect and maintain individual rights. The best way to do this is for individuals to read the Bill of Rights and have the courage to defend those rights when encroached upon by any other individual, which would include elected officials.

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    Party Politics

    Personally, I dislike political parties for one main reason -- people become prejudicial against "opposing" parties, because they believe that one party or another "represents" a certain set of ideals, even in the face of evidence that proves otherwise. For example, both Democrats *and* Republicans in Congress are destroying individual rights to Habeas Corpus and Due Process, thru legislation such as the PATRIOT Act, NDAA, and SOPA. Both parties are ignoring the severity of our debt crisis, continuing to increase the debt ceiling time and time again. My questions for you are...
    What evidence do you have that Republicans and Democrats are any different from one another?

    Do you really want elected officials who vote the "party lines" 95% of the time, instead reading the bills themselves?

    I think people should have a right to organize. I just feel that mandating a required 4 or 5 parties will bring more focus to what matters. Without radical ideas, you'll have a society that ignores critical thinking of major issues. Government is not supposed to be a Red -vs- Blue sporting event where you just trash your opponents all day long, using such names as "libtard", and then come together at the end of the so-called "fighting" to destroy the rights and wealth of each and every U.S. citizen.

    Read this link to understand more about how political parties destroy our ability to think critically and our ability to elect honest representatives. There is NOTHING more destructive to our representative democracy than the current two-party system.

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    Instant-Runoff Voting [or a similar system] needs to be employed during primaries as well as during the general election, possibly with the 4 or 5 mandated parties, in addition to the Independents. This would require constitutional changes, however. The legislators have NO ability to change how we elect them, which means that this change can ONLY originate with the People of Mississipi.

    As for the issue of voter IDs... I he think it is a step in the right direction, but it doesn't do enough. For example... going door to door, I have witnessed a few houses that are on the voter registration list but don't actually exist in real life. I particularly remember several houses on Old Highway 49 that just weren't there. What good does a voter ID do if they don't actually RESIDE in a house? Will this actually stop people from voting in multiple districts? What is it that prevents me from having four different IDs issued in four different counties?

    My #1 Goal that I could accomplish, in terms of election reform, is to support voting machines that use OPEN-SOURCE code, instead of closed-source code like the Diebold machines we use in our state. Sure... we can see that it increments with a +1 on the LCD as each ballot is inserted, and it can even pass a 55%/45% test a few weeks before the election... but this does not provide me enough confidence that the votes are actually being tallied properly on election day. Without the source code, I would prefer votes be counted by hand. Why go through the effort of voting if you don't know what's REALLY happening inside the machine, where, perhaps, the outcome is pre-determined by an electronic machine or it simply has a faulty design?? It's funny to me that people joke about rigged elections in the Middle East, yet they have no idea how their votes are tallied here in America.

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    Health Care

    Health care is an incredibly tricky subject. I can see some good from ObamaCare, but I also see some bad that I would want to amend. For instance...

    Is it right that people can get "free" health care by going to the emergency room by throwing the hospital bill in the trash, inevitably to be picked up by health insurance companies in the form of rising hospital costs, which are then passed on only to those with health insurance??

    Is it right for an individual to be required to buy insurance from a for-profit company??

    If you think that people shouldn't be offloading costs only onto those who are paying for health insurance, then why not approve of a "public option"?

    Is it right that every health insurance company should be required to offer hair plugs and in vitro fertilization to all customers, in each insurance policy??

    I want to encourage discussion of this issue on the Better Mississippi Forum. Someone suggested to me that that I "fix the Health Board". I can't really decipher much more than that, but I think she was wanting a "feedback loop" of reviews/complaints of some sort. We can create an online database for rating doctors and board members from the viewpoint of patients *and* other staff that actually knows what happens "behind the scenes". A feedback system works "across the board", if you will, not just eBay. If the benefit of our excellent health system comes from the best doctors, then at least give me the assurance that he or she IS the best.

    Our Constitution's preamble states that we are to "promote the GENERAL welfare", but ObamaCare isn't anything like National Health Insurance. If it doesn't help EVERY individual, equally, then I don't want any part of it. I would support a "Medicare 4 All" system, since Medicare is already in place and nobody is in favor of removing it, however, drastically cutting spending and ending inflation are larger priorities of mine...

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    Save the U.S. Postal Service

    The USPS is actually a profitable agency when it's only paying for CURRENT employees pension funds. The trick, that the media doesn't want you to know, is that in 2006, the entirely Republican controlled White House passed a bill so that the USPS must pre-pay its next 75 years of pension funds [which includes employees who have not even been born yet] within just a 10 year period of time. Half this 75 year, pre-paid pension fund is aleady paid for.

    You can watch these videos for more info.... The Great Postal Heist & Postal Service Bankrupt?

    HR 1351 would reverse this problem and keep our cheap & speedy mail service.

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    Oil Spill

    I was ready to clean up oil from the BP spill last year. I took the 40-hr HAZWOPER class, where we all learned that crude oil has numerous toxic chemicals (benzene, methane, toluene, etc.), hence the required 40-hr class. I was also paying attention to all the reports of BP spraying the Corexit dispersant near the rig, which is even MORE harmful than the crude oil. The whole purpose of the Corexit dispersant is to cause the oil to sink below the surface. I was even tracking the oil slicks at NOAA's website, and I concluded that our government had NO CLUE how to track the oil. Our government has no tools to accomplish any reasonable underwater mapping of submerged oil, so the maps would be drastically different from day to day, appearing to be more and more guesswork as the first couple of months had passed, until they finally just gave up and stopped trying.

    Personally, I will not be swimming in the water! With an estimated 400 million gallons of crude oil that leaked and tar balls still washing ashore the barrier islands and just south of Cowan Rd as recently as August, 2011, I would be cautious. At minimum, do not let your children get in the water. Crude oil and Corexit are BAD STUFF, PEOPLE! Better safe than sorry is the only way to live when our government has no tools to study underwater oil plumes. I'd like to see some independent tests done at all depths of the water within a few miles radius of the barrier islands, but I guess there's really not much we can do until it's on our shores.

    Notices to BEWARE on the beach should be considered for some period of time. This is my personal opinion based on what I learned from first-hand experience. Other opinions are welcome at Better Mississippi Forum.

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    Marijuana & Hemp

    Can one possibly commit a crime if there is no victim? Why are we sending people to jail for marijuana possession in order to learn criminal activities?? At minimum, their punishment should be God's Law and Natural Law... not men violating another man's rights to life, liberty, and property... which is exactly what our government agents are doing. Or else, we should have specific drug courts that work to keep people off drugs and especially out of jail. I rather liked the idea of offering a choice to misdemeanor convicts -- Church for one year or jail. How is what we are currently doing "Right"? The argument can't be based on it being a gateway drug if most people start with cigarettes and alcohol.

    Surely, pregnant women are victimizing their soon-to-be child and must be placed in a new, clean environment if abusing ANY substance. We should promote better role models and educate the real effects of drugs and alcohol to others

    Hemp can be used to make almost everything we need: clothes, paper, oil, medicine. How many companies and jobs could we create by being the first state to legalize cannabis? The government has required farmers to grow tons of hemp during wartime, so this can be done. Our U.S. Military Troops are actually promoting more opium growth for Afghani druglords than they had before we entered their country. Watch for yourself... Marines grow opium for their masters, as seen on Fox & Friends. How can we allow such hypocrisy to plague the decisions of our government agents??

    Marijuana is listed as a "Schedule 1" drug (which is above cocaine and "on par" with heroin), allegedly having "no medicinal uses", yet we all know that's not true, since it is grown right here in our state, at Ole Miss, for medicinal purposes... against the desired intent of the Controlled Substance Act. We must change these laws to fit the reality of our situation, where marijuana actually has medicinal benefits, where marijuana users are NOT criminals that victimize others, where hemp farms create jobs, renewable paper, clothing, & energy, and where equality before and under the law is paramount. We can't outlaw something that God created for us in the form of an herb-bearing seed.. Maybe you think that's the case, because you work for the cotton or tobacco industries, but I work for ALL people. If God creating an herb-bearing seed is not Law, then I don't know what is.

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    I am against abortion. In fact, women who are considering abortion need encouragement and counseling. Our time could be better spent by counseling women about the worthy potential of adoption.

    A blanket ban on abortion, which prevents women who are rape rape victims or who doctors claim could potentially die from a risky pregnancy, does not seem incredibly wise. We should leave the issue up to each state, and Mississippi has already spoken on this issue of a "blanket ban" on abortions.

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    Death Penalty

    Let there be no confusion that living with the Truth, behind bars, is likely a far "better" punishment than death. Two wrongs don't make a right... and we have no right to kill someone who is potentially innocent. Life without parole eliminates this possibility of an irreversable mistake.

    Even if a convicted murderer OBVIOUSLY did murder someone, the chances of that murderer appealing a death sentence all the way to the top is very great. The extreme nature of cases involving the death penalty means FAR more appeals energy (costs, concentration, and fees to court employees & attorneys) than it would take to give a man powdered eggs and orange drink for the rest of his life. The guards and prisons are ALREADY PAID FOR. Understand that.

    Because of the costs for prosecuting *and* defense attorneys, as well as interpreters, expert witnesses, court reporters, judges, psychiatrists, secretaries, and jury consultants, it is NOT cheaper to kill an alleged murderer than it is to lock him up for life without parole. Virtually every state that has done a study on this topic has realized that the average death penalty case costs anywhere from 2 to 8 times as much as one where the sentence is life without parole. The average cost of a death penalty case is well over $1 million.

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    Energy Costs

    Use a Kill-A-Watt device to discover the energy vampires (old VCRs, tube TVs, and especially desktop computers) in your home. Turn off your central heater's pilot light during our 9-month summer. Consider solar water heaters... or even "instant" water heaters, which are electric.

    Create exercise bicycles with generators for communities, gyms, or even voluntary prisoners, so that people can create electricity directly for their local community, shopping center, jail, or what have you. Let the sun dry your clothes on clotheslines instead of using dryers. We should consider investing in solar panel or wind turbine farms for ourselves in order to dramatically reduce energy depletion as well as monthly bills.

    It's important to note that instead of paying $15 Trillion to failed financial institutions and stimulus packages (which equate to $150,000 debt per household), we could have simply given a $20,000 tax credit for every homeowner to put solar panels [or other reneweable energy source] on his roof... and STILL saved $130,000 per household. I like this $2 Trillion option of energy independence a lot more than the $10+ Trillion of voluntary servitude to corporations. Neither one of them belong in a free market, but I think most would agree with me when having to choose between the two.

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    Transportation & Gas Prices

    Cut the Department of Energy. The department is a waste of energy itself.

    And if ethanol is really a net benefit, then let's cut taxpayer funding for people who don't want it. I choose to use a gas station that doesn't use ethanol. If every taxpayer wasn't subsidizing gasoline with 10% ethanol, then what would the price actually look like at those gas stations??

    Another real solution for individuals is to use and promote the use of bicycles... even motorized bicycles that can get 200mpg! Increase your metabolism, lose weight, and save a gallon of gas every day. Here's a guide I wrote that teaches people how to make their own custom motorized bicycle(s)... Crash Course for Motored Bike N00Bs.

    Some people scoff at the idea of bicycles (this literally happened when my college physics teacher asked how we all thought we'd get around without petroleum), but I think they are more discouraged by the concept of the "average" bicycle seat. Check out some of these seats that I reviewed. You will actually enjoy riding a rear-suspension bicycle with a Relax 2 or Easy Seat II/Deluxe. If you have a rigid frame, you will prefer the Manta Saddle, Gyles Leather Saddle, or Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. It just depends on your tailbones and how much you'd like to spend.

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    Prison Reform

    Ho'oponopono (I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.). Inmates need help, and jails/prisons aren't helping anything except the spread of even more criminal ideas and mindsets.

    Without a doubt, drug users do not need to be educated on TRUE crimes but need help from health professionals. Keeping people out of jail is supposed to be a GOOD thing, and there is no moral issue that should prohibit this, as these alleged drug "criminals" have not actually harmed anyone. Every taxpayer is harmed when we go on the offensive in bringing "justice" to people who were only exercising their constitutional rights. You, the taxpayer, are burdened with the excessive costs to pursue, convict, and potentially pay the appeals costs to overturn that same conviction.

    How can there be a crime if there is no victim?? The whole purpose of government agents is to protect and maintain individual rights, not release the murderers and child molestors because we are overwhelmed with drug dealers. THE TRUE CRIMINALS ARE GETTING AWAY!! The Bible speaks of death penalties because that was the only way they had to remove these people from society, but now that we have jails, we'd prefer to use them for drug dealers because they generate more revenue through probation and parole fines. This is not right on so many levels.

    For "crimes" that DO NOT infringe on the rights of others, I am personally fond of letting the perpetrator choose between church or jail. I'm fond of ANY solution that doesn't create hardened criminals where there were none and which doesn't release people who commit crimes against the person.

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    National Security

    Without a doubt, debt has become the greatest threat to our national security. Continually increasing the debt ceiling limit will not work forever.

    Build the wall along the Mexico border. Bring all our troops home to watch that dam wall.

    The solution to 9/11 was locks on cockpit doors... not the TSA, not wiretapping U.S. citizens, not the destruction of civil liberties and the Bill of Rights, not the NDAA, nor officers using the Patriot Act against "domestic terrorists" (aka: U.S. citizens). LOCKS ON COCKPIT DOORS. End of discussion.

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    State Security

    Join a militia! Form your own! There is not one Supreme Court ruling which denies our right to join militias. I am far more threatened by our own federal government than children in Iraq who have no means whatsoever of coming to our land and fighting on our soil. This is why militias are a constitutional right, because our Founders understood the inherently dangerous powers of a central government that alleges to protect the rights of all the states with the use of military force.

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    Computer Security

    Use my operating system (1.7 GB). It's free of virii and other malware. To try it out, select "Burn Image" or "Burn [ISO] Image" in your DVD burning application. You can test it out on your machine as a LiveDVD (all without touching ANY data on your hard drive), or you can follow Steps 2 thru 6 of a guide I wrote about virtual machines.

    Or even follow another guide I wrote that teaches others how to make their own operating system, instead. It is not necessary to rely on me or my own preferences. Plus, the included software on my DVD is a couple years outdated.

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    Declare English as the official state & national language. This is not a requirement for anyone outside of government agencies, just a declaration.

    Again... the Better Mississippi Forum is the place to make your concerns publicly known. If nobody wants to agree or disagree with my views, then I can only take it as everyone understanding me and agreeing with every single one of these viewpoints.

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    Corporation Reform

    Corporations do not deserve limited liability *and* the rights of men (such as the ability to contribute to a representative of the people). Perhaps corporations must have limited liability, but they do NOT deserve the ability to influence political outcomes through any means, no matter how direct or indirect.

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    We MUST work to STOP certain types of welfare at the government level!! If it's not GENERAL welfare, then it has no business being called welfare. Specific welfare is more like "never better yourselfare". People need to support themselves; and the same goes for families. Take responsibility for ALL negative action surrounding you instead of blame others.

    This goes ESPECIALLY toward corporate welfare. We are creating a society of DEPENDENTS, where people can collect from "The System", even tho they never put anything into that System, and where the unemployed are offered no real assistance in finding employment. We will continue to watch the erosion of our political and economic freedoms because of this... unless we work to END *not* working. Welfare for the poor sounds like a great concept, but, in actuality, it is a great demotivational tool. Why would anybody work if everybody could get free food, free housing, etc.?

    -- "A laborer's appetite makes him work harder, because he wants to satisfy his hunger." (Proverbs 16:26, Good News Translation)

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    Food Stamps

    If able-bodied ADULTS are unemployed and want food stamps, they should submit a true application [and resume, if applicable] to an online (government-run) job search engine. However, this is not currently the case. Food stamp recipients only sign a piece of paper stating that they have TRIED searching for a job and WOULD submit an application if the system were in place. So let's put the system in place!!

    And why does a violent criminal get food stamps, but not a "drug offender"?? We need better checks and balances. For example, do people really NEED sweets and soft drinks? You'd be surprised how many people on food stamps are obese, and I do not suppose that either sugar or high fructose corn syrup provide too many health benefits, if any at all. I personally believe this decision of sweets & soft drinks should be left up to the taxpayers and health professionals, tho, not the agents that distribute the food stamp money. No one deserves to starve, but he doesn't deserve lobster until he has caught it himself, is self-employed, or has submitted a job application to a hub for most all employers. Sweets and soft drinks are just as much privileges as hot foods and beer, in my mind.

    Having taxpayers pay for drug test strips is a waste of money, because these tests are NOT effective unless you actually watch the people urinating, so this would drastically increase the cost to taxpayers for no legitimate reason. We need to link these people with an employer and let the employer decide if drug testing is worth the cost to them. EDIT: On second thought, I would reconsider this so long as those testing positive are above 5% of the total number of recipients. Any number less than 5% of the total becomes a waste of taxpayer money. There IS a limit where it costs more to administer these tests than it does to simply go with the standard "checks and balances", and we must not fall into this "negative" zone.

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    Food Prices

    We need to encourage people to grow their own veggies... perhaps in containers, since we have so much sand here on the Mississippi Golden Gulf Coast. Save your organic foods and trash, then START YOUR OWN COMPOST BIN. Do this today. Perhaps use red worm compost bins, which have additional benefits (like faster composting and fatter worms for fishing). Turn some old, 1-gallon jugs or 3-liter bottles into self-watering containers for growing herbs and spices in a "kitchen garden". Use a 5-gallon bucket [along with a cotton wick and a trash bag reservoir, lining a hole in the ground] as a self-watering container for larger vegetables.

    Plant a fruit tree today!!
    "When is the best time to plant a tree? Ten years ago.
    When is the next best time? TODAY!"

    Our society needs self-sustainability right now, and every little thing counts. A shift toward a more resource abundant and conscious society that knows how to live as directly off the land and its surroundings as possible seems like a far better idea than continuing to truck in genetically modified tomatoes from Florida that likely wouldn't splatter if you threw them against a wall. We should be linking people up directly with local farmers and farmers markets. Our community needs to focus on "re-localization" above all other issues.

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    Genetically Modified Foods

    Farmers in the northern part of our state are being sued by Monsanto because these farmers cannot eradicate Monsanto's genetically modified seeds that have blown on their fields. We need to realize that it is Monsanto that needs to be held liable for their seeds blowing on the fields of other farmers, not the other way around. Monsanto is the one causing damages, not the farmers who are trying to produce NATURALLY organic foods.

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