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Jason Vitosky
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Jason Vitosky. A Southerner. A Missisippian. A Gulfport Resident for over 20 years.. A Leader, who's willing to concentrate on one issue at a time and work ON "The System", not just IN it.


I want to show you a life BEYOND political parties... without ONLY two opposing factions. Only YOU can make it happen, tho. There is an array of opportunity to be had when issues are discussed on an individual scale, instead of grouping everything into Republicrats or Demolicans. I want to show you distinguishment through reason. No one is a straight Republican. No one is a straight Democrat. In the U.S. Congress, our current elected officials are straight robbing us of our rights, our wealth, and our security in the process.


Right here at JasonVitosky.com and also at the Better Mississippi Forum

This is where you will find my other ideas beyond just an online forum. Ideas that range from an Online, Video Education Platform for the Public Domain, designed with both teachers & parents in mind, better able to track progress of our students, assuring that no student can move on to the next phase until he has mastered the prior levels... to creating a national job search engine for actually getting people off food stamps and into productive jobs... all the way to creating a national bank for the purpose of growing the economy without interest (read: debt), or think BEYOND auditing the Federal Reserve and take them over. Only Congress deserves the right to print and coin money. Giving that right to a private corporation that charges every taxpayer interest thru loans to federal and state governments MUST STOP.

These ideas just scratch the surface of potential that the Mississippi Gulf Coast deserves to have as representation. If you would like to contribute to YOUR government, then drop by the forum and speak your piece, or pitch in some $$$ if you like my ideas or my willingness to stand for what's right.

If Jason is the type of problem-solving engineer you want representing you, instead of a problem-creating, word-twisting lawyer, then by all means.... please exercise your right to control YOUR government. Our Founding Fathers blessed us with such a government that truly does allow us to re-awaken ourselves at anytime, by petitioning the true government -- THE PEOPLE.

Jason wants to become a "Lobbyist for 'The People of My District'" (not corporations & people outside my district), and you can help him by petitioning your government later this year, during the first week of November.

Find your polling location here.


Please join me on March 13th, 2012 (THIS YEAR) at the Mississippi Polls for the Democratic Primary.

Please mark your calendars, set your alarms, and scribble on your Post-it Notes.


Easy... The "How?" can only be answered with "one at a time". One at a time, the individual YOU must decide what the collective YOU wants. But both of YOUs need to be deliberating and determining your decisions BEFORE the day of the election.

If the people demand a debate between my opponent and myself, we can publicly deliberate and determine our goals for YOUR government. We can do this at the Better Mississippi Forum, on YouTube, the Sun Herald, or WLOX. It matters not to me. Only that we keep the election system honorable by not fearing a good challenge. Whether our responses are written or spoken, I am willing to get to heart of the issues that plague our society today.

We have the technology. I have the ideas. YOU have the power.


This is my favorite of them all.

This might sound corny, but I'm doing this because I have no choice. I actually believed my grandparents when they told me that I could do anything I wanted and that I had the "best chance" of making a difference (why do we tell our children that they can make a difference if we don't like change?). The weight of the world has always been on my shoulders. I have always dreamed of "Changing the World". A friend helped me to realize this truth by asking a simple question, "What did you want to be when you were a child?" I could never think of any one profession, but I just knew that I wanted to leave my mark by "changing the world".

Changing the world has had a persistent undertone in my actions since as far back as I can remember. For this reason, I have constantly been drawn toward business and political issues. When I attended St. John High School, the closest I could get to such issues were Mock Trial, where I got the "Most Effective Lawyer" award (a wooden gavel), and Youth Legislature, where I wrote the "Most Debated Bill in the History of Mississippi Youth Legislature" (best time of my life). This was just a stepping stone toward realizing my true purpose, however. My Mom always said I should be Lawyer, but somehow I knew she wasn't exactly right. And one of my high school teachers, who taught both physics and calculus, told me that "[I] should write the problems in school books", because I have an uncanny gift of breaking concepts down into their simplest form, which I believe comes from my ability to concentrate on details. I do not stop questioning until I understand the details and can relate the overall concepts to others.

My purpose is to TEACH people about FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE -- two concepts that have seemingly become "obsolete" in modern America. Along with my Computer & Law backgrounds, Religion is another one of those "Big Things" that I couldn't hide from, and most people would be surprised to know how much of the Bible is about freedom of the people and standing up for what is RIGHT and FAIR. One of my favorite verses is: "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom." (2 Corinthians 3:17)

People want solutions and NOT party poltics... so here I am. The solution is... communication, understanding, allegiance, equality, and fairness. We've got to understand that WE are the energy source of both government and business. My solution is to focus on this energy and the feedback from this energy. Don't let me down.

Feedback can be given here: Better Mississippi Forum. If you don't voice your opinions, however, then how can we improve our quality of life?

If you couldn't tell... I have finally found my purpose. It is not so much to "Change the World" as it is to "Heal our Society". THAT is my purpose. Jason even means "Healer", which is quite fitting, even tho I can be particularly squeamish at the sight of real bodily harm. Here is your REMEDY, people.

God has "cursed" me to distinguish right from wrong, to see a faulty system, and I am obligated to act upon these convictions [as opposed to continue sitting in front of a television]. If God wanted me to be happy here, in this body, He wouldn't let me feel so oppressed and trampled on. I feel like I am doing what God is calling me to do.

Somehow I have the solutions to issues that our media & government agents acts as if are impossible to solve.

Everybody has their calling. This is mine.

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