Jason Vitosky

U.S. Congressional House, District 4

Jason Vitosky


to my world...

My past:

  • Attended St. John High School
  • "Most Debated Bill in the History of Youth Legislature"
  • "Most Effective Attorney" at the Mississippi BAR Mock Trial Competition
  • Attended Tulane University, School of Engineering with a focus toward Computer Engineering
  • Wrote a guide to customizing your own computer operating system, such as this one. (Select "Burn Image" or "Burn [ISO] Image" in your DVD burning application, or follow steps 2 thru 6 on the next guide I wrote, which explain how to begin using a virtual machine)
  • Wrote a guide to using virtual machines with the intent of customizing phones and other devices with the webOS operating system
  • Wrote a guide to customizing your own motorized bicycle
  • Began writing a guide on "how to be free", but it's been placed on hold since I'm living in the NOW, and there are more pressing issues NOW, like convincing people I have a strategy to fix a lot of inefficiencies and injustice in The System

My present:

  • Starting two businesses, which will be announced within the next week.
  • Owner and Adminstrator of an online law forum where people discuss Rights, "Due Process" of Law (which is Notice & Opportunity to Respond), and other topics you might need to understand before representing yourself in court) -- SuiJurisForum.com.
    • Sui Juris is a Latin word, essentially meaning "INDEPENDENT"
    • Sui Juris [At law: Latin - su i u ris : "of one's own right"] 1. One who has all the rights to which a freeman is entitled; one who is not under the power of another, as a slave, a minor, and the like. 2. To make a valid contract, a person must, in general, be sui juris. Every one of full age is presumed to be sui juris.
      --- Bouviers Law Dictionary
  • Formulating a gameplan for our state. If there's anything you came here to learn about me, jump straight to these issues.
  • Working to become a Lobbyist for "The People of My District" instead of outside interests.
  • Promoting an online forum for Mississippians to communicate directly with each other, solving real problems with real self-governance -- Better Mississippi Forum.
  • Solving as many problems of mankind as possible, as the Republican and/or Democratic Parties are NOT the solutions to one of those problems.
  • Searching for Truth.

My future:

  • I'd like to teach people in my community how to be INDEPENDENT.
  • I'd like to make the world a better place, and I might as well start that process by using my technological talents with my fairly extensive knowledge of the law, along with the rest of my other passions (there are many)... in order to be a catalyst for REAL innovation & productivity.
  • Every day until March 13, 2012 I will run an aggressive campaign for the extremely limited funds available to me. Please donate.
  • I plan to create AT LEAST 3 more business plans for venture capitalists or even just our local community to invest in.
  • I just might decide to finish writing that book on how to be free. :)

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